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Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, developt offers pediatric physical therapy services tailored to clients from infancy to 21 years old.

Our passion lies in child development, and we are here to support families as they embark on their child's unique developmental journey – no matter how it unfolds.


Transforming Lives Through Pediatric Physical Therapy


What is Pediatric Physical Therapy


Pediatric Developmental Physical Therapy looks at the large motor skills that your child uses to move about their environment. These motor skills include rolling, sitting, crawling and walking, and more complex skills like throwing, catching, kicking, and riding a bike. 


All children learn about their environment by interacting with it, and any delays in movement impact their ability to explore and learn. A pediatric physical therapist can assist you with activities to help reach your child's mobility goals and help them learn motor skills.

What We Do

Our pediatric physical therapists are dedicated to promoting your child's growth and well-being. Through thorough screenings, we can detect any delays in motor development, enabling early intervention and comprehensive support.


Our activities are designed to enhance your child's coordination, strength, balance, and flexibility, forming a solid foundation for their physical health. By collaborating closely with your family, we create customized treatment plans tailored to your child's unique needs, ensuring steady progress and growth. 


With extensive experience in managing a wide range of developmental conditions, our team is equipped to support children who have already been diagnosed or those with suspected conditions. You can count on us to provide the expert care your child needs to thrive.

Flexible and Convenient Scheduling Options

We understand the challenges of juggling busy schedules, so we've designed our services to minimize disruptions to your routine. You can choose between the convenience of receiving therapy in the comfort of your own home or meeting at our dedicated office space.

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Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment. Together, we can celebrate each milestone and unlock your child's potential for a brighter future.


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