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New to developt?

Start by booking an Initial Assessment. This initial appointment will focus on getting to know your child and your child's developmental history, setting goals and examining their motor skills. It will also include a brief orthopedic and neurological examination. Based on this information we can determine a treatment schedule that works for your family. This appointment is best done in person at your home or in our space. 

Young girl holding a ball

Physical Therapy Treatment

Once the Initial Assessment is complete, we will move into working towards your child's goals. During a treatment session I select different activities that challenge your child to build the strength and skills they need to be successful at achieving their goal. It may look like we're playing, but they are working hard! At the end of the session, you may be provided with activity ideas to work on at home to continue practicing the skills we were working on.

Stock image of a child playing as an astronaut


Most Physical Therapy treatment plans are goal based. Once your child has achieved these goals, you may wish to take some time so they can refine and solidify these new motor skills. If there are further goals identified, a new treatment plan with new goals may be created and additional sessions booked.

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