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Learn How Pediatric Physical Therapy Can Benefit Your Child

Reach out to us today and discover the tailored support and solutions we offer to ensure your child's well-being and growth.

What is the difference between PT and OT?

The basic difference between PT and OT is that PT focuses on improving your ability to move your body while an OT focuses on your ability to perform activities of daily living. When talking about pediatrics, PT will work on your child’s ability to move around in their environment (like rolling, walking, improving strength and balance to make these movements easier), while an OT will look at how your child engages with their environment (how they use their hands, their ability to participate in activities and engage with other people, etc.)

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Is there is difference between a regular physical therapist and a pediatric therapist?

Yes. Although all physical therapists take a baseline of training in pediatrics during their degree, a pediatric therapist has chosen to focus their career on the assessment and treatment of infants and children. This often comes with additional courses on pediatrics and mentorship from an experienced therapist. Kristen and Heather have been fortunate to have taken extra training and received mentorship not only from experienced pediatric physical therapists, but experienced pediatric occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, pediatricians and orthopedic surgeons.

Is physical therapy beneficial for kids?


Absolutely! Early intervention is key when it comes to developmental delays. The sooner we can get started, the better the outcomes. PT can also help optimize your child’s health by increasing their strength, endurance, balance and proprioception. Physical Therapists also provide respiratory training for those with lung disease or reduced ability to clear secretions. A strong and healthy body is integral to a child’s quality of life and their ability to play, learn and explore.

Do physical therapists screen for delays in development?


Yes they do! The therapists at developt are trained in the administration of multiple different screening tools that have been validated through research. We are able to select the most appropriate one and share the results and what they mean with you.

Do you only see kids who have a diagnosis?


We see everybody! You don’t need to have a particular diagnosis to be seen by a physical therapist. We are there to help guide you and provide ideas so you can support your child and help optimize your child’s development.

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My child has a hard time keeping up with their peers and avoids more challenging parts of the playground. Can PT help with this?


Yes! There are many reasons that a child may avoid parts of a playground or prefer to watch instead of play with their peers. A physical therapist can help identify areas that need to be addressed, whether it is strength, endurance, balance or even skill acquisition and create an individualized treatment plan to address these needs.

My child just seems to be a bit clumsy. Can physical therapy help with that?


Absolutely! Clumsiness can be due to a number of different factors, including poor body awareness, poor balance and poor core control, all areas which physical therapy can help with.

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My child seems to always lay on his desk at school. Does Physical Therapy help with this?


Yes! Often this positioning comes from poor core strength. A Physical Therapist will work with you to help increase your child’s core strength and endurance, making sitting upright easier. This increase in core strength can also help provide a stronger foundation for fine motor skills, such as writing and cutting.

My household is very busy and has a lot of distractions. Can we meet somewhere else?


For sure! I have a dedicated therapy space on Clarence Avenue, but I am happy to meet wherever suits your needs best, even if it happens to be a playground or at school!

Do you travel outside of Saskatoon?

Kristen does travel outside to Saskatoon a short distance for home visits. Home visits outside of city limits cost a bit more to cover time and travel. If you are interested in having Kristen come to your house for therapy, get in touch!

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